Here's a round-up of new features, improvements, and bug fixes from May 2023. Support team's favourite are the revamped and snazzy looking inline filters. 💅
  • You can now set read-only fields on the Detail layout.
  • Inline filters got a bunch of new functionality. Read more
  • You can now add Stacker linked fields to Google Sheet connectors.
  • Airtable real time sync is now live. Read more
  • You can now create lookups that look up Stacker's created at, updated at, created by, and updated by fields.
  • Intercom and FullStory are now third-party tags. Read more
  • Layout filters now support number operators for currency, percentage, rollup and formula fields.
  • Downloading as CSV will now show on the inbox view.
  • You can now paste values over multiple cells in the admin data grid. Read more
  • We will now show an error message when your user table's configuration becomes invalid.
  • Changing the field type from a rich text field to a checkbox field while there was text content in it would cause a crash.
  • If you tried to download a CSV with a lot of fields, you would sometimes get an error message.
  • Inline filters would crash if you had large linked record tables.
  • Conditional Visibility filters for widgets were jumping or closing unexpectedly.
  • Stacker logo was way too big when viewed through Windows mail.
That's all, folks. We're excited to bring you more stuff in June.
With love,
Stacker Support Team