Hey folks,
We're still working on exciting, big stuff like charts and Postgres, but we managed to squeeze in a few improvements and fixes in July.
  • Considerably improved speed and reliability of Airtable real time sync for those with busy Airtable bases.
  • Airtable rolled out a new form of sharing links to some customers—we now support them.
  • We will now warn you when the values of a dropdown field used in a filter change.
  • Create record button was showing in nested create forms when it shouldn't.
  • It was briefly possible to register to a Workspace with the same email multiple times.
  • Field configurator on the admin data grid could sometimes go out of bounds.
  • Deleting a role redirected you back to home of the 1st app in your workspace. We will now redirect you to the first role of the current app instead.
  • Checkmarks and crossmarks weren't properly aligned on the list view, but now they are.