Hi there,
Here's a round-up of new features, improvements, and bug fixes from April 2023. Support team's favourite are smarter action buttons. Speed. ⚡️
  • The checkbox in the Highlight widget now has 3 wonderful styles to choose from, though none of them are Harry. More details
  • Action buttons are now waaaay smarter. More details 🧠
  • You can now use number operators in List Filters for Currency, Percentage, Rollup and Formula fields.
  • When choosing which roles can access navigation items, you can now select or deselect all of them. Should save a few seconds.
  • You will now see a proper delete button when you select records in the admin data grid. No more guesswork.
  • Colors will be on by default on Stacker Table dropdown fields.
  • When editing a layout, we will let you know what to do when you cannot disable a field—just hover over the grayed out toggle.
  • Title of a data widget on Custom pages is now clickable, and links to the primary view of that table. If there's no table, it will not be clickable.
  • Kanban column headers now show a top border matching the color of the Kanban option. Works for both Airtable and Stacker Data. They look sleeker too! Read more
CSV downloads
  • You can show CSV download button for your app users on related record list widgets.
  • Link and multi-link fields in CSV downloads will now show the record title (or primary field) rather than the record ID.
  • _sid column will no longer show in end-user CSV downloads.
  • CSV download will now respect your field ordering.
  • Widget details would stay blank after an admin navigated from tab where the widget was located.
  • In rare cases, fields weren't reordering correctly on the Manage fields screen.
  • The mobile navigation drawer was closing more often than it should.
  • Center content checkbox for banner widgets and images would not actually center the content.
  • Action buttons weren't showing on data widgets.
  • It was impossible to edit an action button from the admin data grid.
  • In the admin data grid, the active table would steal focus when side-scrolling. This made it hard to click a table on the far right.
  • Admin Data grid would crash when loading dropdown fields without options.
  • Edit layout would go blank when clicking from a widget to a tab.
  • If you cancelled creation of a record, we would bring you back to a wrong layout. We will now bring you back to wherever you were.
  • Formula referencing a field that no long existed could crash the admin data grid.
Brief issues
These issues had a very short lifespan. Think adult mayfly.
  • It was possible to have a Custom page and a Data page with the same URL. We will now add a numbered suffix to the URL when the names match.
  • It was impossible to add a Google Sheets data connector.
  • It was impossible to rename your Workspace URL.
  • When trying to use an internal quick link to a list or create view that no longer existed, the app would crash.
  • Updating the sharing link would sometimes cause a crash.
  • It was impossible to display images inline in rich text fields.
That's all, folks. We're excited and working hard to bring you more new stuff in May.
With love,
Stacker Support Team